Pieter Heydenrych CIP started his insurance career in 1994 which led to him establishing an Independent Adjusting firm in South Africa in 1997. Focusing substantially on marine cargo risk and loss management, Pieter developed a network of small independent adjusting firms and industry service providers to serve clients nationally. Pieter sold his company in 2006 before departing to Europe.

While in Europe Pieter worked for a large multinational oil company as a Procurement Manager with responsibility for procurement across Europe, Africa and the Middle East.

Pieter relocated to Canada in 2009 and after establishing himself in Halifax, joined forces with Torgny Vigerstad to start EECM Ltd. Under this banner Pieter has headed up the creation of Omnia Adjusters Cooperative, which in just over 4 years has established itself as the 2nd largest adjusting company in Canada, with more than 80 offices and nearly 200 adjusters nationally.
Torgny J. Vigerstad has been an innovator and leader in bringing scientific expertise to the business community. He has a PhD from the University of Rhode Island in Biology, specializing in applied ecology, and received postdoctoral training in human toxicology.

Following his development of a successful small consulting business in Halifax, he was invited by insurance professionals to help create an environmental remediation and forensic environmental investigation division for an insurance adjusting firm. This division expanded from one office in Halifax to 6 offices across Canada employing 30 or more engineers, geologists and technicians.

In addition to his scientific and business experience, Dr. Vigerstad is also a meditation instructor and senior administrator within the Shambhala Buddhist community and an advisor on organizational governance.
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